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There's no smoke without fire

There's no smoke without fire

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Smoke Free Marlene
Okay, let me just say up front that I think rewriting history, in all it's forms, is stupid and counter productive. Changing movies to make them more "PC" being one of these forms. If we pretend shit never happened, we and future generations will not learn from it. That said... I adore this image anyway!! So cute...!! I had to iconize it! It's such a happy mug, and why wouldn't it be, Marlene was hawt. I've always loved the image of her in the suit, but ew cigarettes, so omg love! That's the cutest smoke free image I have ever seen. I swear I didn't miss the point in the movie, the image just filled me with such delight that I squeed outloud and had to cap it!

So, yes. Just watched Thank You For Smoking last night, which is where the cap came from. I was really surprised, it wasn't all what I was expecting! And ultimately it wasn't about smoking anymore than Reefer Madness: The Musical was about pot. It was about "Spin". Politics. And the narrative was great. I don't think I've ever loved a movie so much where I hated 99% of the characters so much. At least Nick knew he was an asshole though. It was really brilliantly done. lunar_geisha wasn't kidding, it will get you talking no matter what your position is on smoking!

And even though smoking wasn't even the real point of the movie, just the vehicle to get their point across, it did lose a point for me with the glossing over of second hand smoke. Sorry, it's a HUGE pet peeve for me when anyone compares smoking to say eating hamburgers or whatever. Sorry, you don't give second hand cheese. Frankly, if smoke couldn't be smelled or have an effect on anyone other than the smoker, I totally wouldn't care. It's your body, do what you want. But that's just not the way it is.

For example, sweet as it is for smokers to try and stand aside out of respect for a non-smoker's space, or in smoking sections, or outside... it doesn't work. The effects of cigarette smoke can be felt strongly for 4 meters, 13 feet, from where you are standing. It doesn't help. The thought it nice, but it doesn't help. It can be detected in smaller amounts for -get this- up to 7 meters/23 feet. And that's just one cigarette, nevermind when it's a group of smokers. This is why those of us who would like to choose not to smoke are so pissed off and frustrated all the time. We don't even have the option so long as we need to go out in public or live with/know/are related to someone who smokes. This is why we desperately want you to stop smoking. It's not about oppressing the smokers, it's about liberating the non-smokers.

But yes, my besides the point nit-picking aside, I think this is a fascinating, disturbing, and hilarious movie!
  • Thanks for the education AND the link supporting it. I did not know that the harmful effects could be felt from that far away. That is good to know.
    • I didn't realize either until I looked it up, actually. I knew it was pretty far, but 13 to 23 feet? Wow...
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