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Smoke Free Marlene
Was browsing yahoo widgets and just happened upon this particularly useful one for people who have quit/are quitting smoking!


This Widget does not only show nonsmokers how long they have not smoked for, but it also has three other displays that show how many cigarettes they have not smoked so far, how much money they have saved and how much nicotine and tar isn't inhaled. All the text in the displays are changeable, so it can be adapted to most languages. The options are dual language (English/German).

Very handy little reminder! And free!

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  • I got one of those! Thanks for posting it! It does help give me a constant visual reminder of what I am accomplishing by quitting. Over $16 saved in only 5 days. :-D
    • Isn't it awesome? I love that somebody thought of that handy little widget to encourage people and remind them of all the benefits they're getting! Extra cash is ALWAYS a good thing, hehe. :D And welcome! I thought this community might suit you much better.
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