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Pro-Fresh Air

AZ smoking ban!

AZ smoking ban!

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Smoke Free Marlene
Happy AZ smoking ban day to me! *dances* The new 20 foot away from the entrance rule starts today, which means no more hacking through clouds of smoke just trying to get into the grocery store, or any other place of business. Best part? It WILL be enforced, because the businesses themselves are being held accountable. It won't help the situation where we live or at the bus stops, but it is a huge relief as far as food places and my s/o going into work goes. No more wafts of stomach turning smoke clinging to me and my food as I come and go from the grocery store (people who smoke really have no idea how much that stuff clings to passerbys), no more trying to pretend the non-smoking section in a fast food place means anything because they'll all be smoke free. This is a beautiful day for AZ asthmatics, non smokers, and children alike. <3
  • Yeah, that rule has always existed just about everywhere and gone ignored, I can't count the number of "please no smoking" signs I've seen people smoking literally directly under and in every doorway. However, now that it's a law here instead of a rule it's working so far! My fiancee was able to walk into work without walking through a cloud of smoke! Which is so awesome, as she had to go back on an inhaler for a while which she hadn't since she was a kid. Chances are good she can go back off of it again soon. :) All of the ashtrays are gone and there are signs everywhere, no cigarettes in sight. Wow... It feels like a miracle!

    I imagine this will be very helpful to the people trying to quit too, not smelling it and being around it every time they leave and enter a place of buisness or learning, you know?
    • Yes it's *definitely* helpful for people to stop smoking. Seeing it is a powerful suggestion. That and smelling it. I think it's wonderful they are doing more to protect non smokers from the effects of cigarette smoke.
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