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pro_fresh_air's Journal

Pro-Fresh Air
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We all know how bad smoke, secondhand smoke, and pollution is for you. We all know how ill it makes people, their children, their pets, and how nasty it smells. How it ruins your sense of smell, taste, health in general and takes away everyone's right to fresh air, that poisoning other people around you is not a right. I could go on and on, but the truth is... you already know. BUT, attacking people and putting them on the defensive about it doesn't solve anything. Lets show them what they're missing instead, and work peacefully toward cleaner air.

This is a community for those who are sick of being negative, but still crave fresh air and a healthier world. For folks who envision being able to go out and take a deep breath of clean air and *enjoy* it. To talk about the benefits of being smoke free, improvements being made in our world for our world, about making changes. Cleaning up our skies and our environment, any little differences we can make. Moving forward.

Check out these links for example!
http://www.smokefreeworld.com/ <--- Directory of smokefree dining, entertainment & travel around the world. A wonderful site helping to find smoke free places to enjoy ourselves!

http://www.iwantcleanair.com/ <--- A handy site that educates folks about air pollution, ecology, and global warming. It even includes a "Clean Air Shop" where you can find goods to improve your indoor air quality, save electricity, AND save money.

These two links are good examples of the sorts of things this community is designed to promote. Positive change toward making our world and ourselves feel better.

This is not a community to vent, rant, or otherwise go off on smokers, SVU owners, and big corporations. There are other communities for that, like anti_smoking or anti_suv or angry_hippy etc. There's lots of places to vent! This is intended to be something different.

The rules:

1) This is a peaceful non-flaming community, Respect each other
2) Trolling is not tolerated. 3 strikes and you're out.
3) Appropriate topics include educational links, positive experiences, environmentally friendly places to shop/visit, visionary thoughts, discussing positive solutions, environmentally friendly transportation, changes being made, nature stories, the beauty of nature and helpful tips on quitting smoking, success stories and how it's changed your life, and topics along similar lines. Scenic nature photos are more than welcomed!

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