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Pro-Fresh Air



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Jareth Rly

Anybody heard of this Hydrostar system? It's basically working toward getting cars to run on *water* which would be both safer and cheaper! Very cool stuff, it'd be nice if the government(s) and the big name car companies would throw their bucks in for stuff like this. We'd get there faster if they would! I like this idea better than the veggie oil one. Cleaner and less stinky.
  • The whole reason these cars are never backed by the government or anyone else is because the petrol companies buy them out so as they still have customers...
    That's what my uncle always says anyway.
    Good idea, if anyone will ever let it happen...
    • Oh, I'm well aware, I'm just trying to be hopeful and optimistic about it. Eventually I think they won't have a choice, honestly. Oil is a limited resource.
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